Sammitr Steel Canopies for Dealerships





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Your Customer Wants.

As you already know, your customers’ needs are slightly different to yours. Your customer wants a canopy that is secure, that is safe, that lasts as long as the pickup, that looks stylish, that is durable for working on site. The security of the SMM steel canopy is many times better than the fiberglass or plastic because of the steel material and due to the superior tailgate design with an integrated lock in the metal itself. We understand that this is a very big concern for customers, as they want to keep what’s inside safe.

Because the SMM steel canopy is manufactured from the same materials as the pickup body itself, this means the life span is many time more than the traditional fiberglass or plastic.

The fitting is snug, the welds are seamless, the trim is well finished and the interior fixtures are stylish.

The last thing you need as a business is the customer to come back after a year complaining about the fixings on the tailgate or cracks in the plastic canopy itself, which can spoil your future customer relationships. The SMM canopy will only promote better customer satisfaction with a product you can confidently supply.

What You Want.

You want the sale and the future business relationship. This is precisely the reason you should only choose SMM steel canopies for your customer.
You are giving them the gold standard in hard tops. SMM canopies are one of the only truly global canopy brands on the market. The construction is made from galvanised sheet steel which has a protective EDP coating applied. This means that the life span of the canopy is many times more than a traditional one.

Direct4x4 can produce a steel canopy for most main brands models and cab types. We can customize the canopy to your requirements as well. We supply full steel canopies, the sliding, toughened side windows or even the very popular ‘gull-wing’ sides in either steel or glass.

Whatever your specifications, we can make it happen.

Tried and tested fitting guides are included. Secure fixings, Load rated roof rails, fully lined interior (excludes tradesman model), Toughened and heated glass. It has all the features of the top of the range canopy you have been buying for years with one big difference… It’s steel.
Your customer can choose between the Tradesman, V2 and the V4. All of these models have their own unique features.

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