Sammitr Steel Canopies for Fleet Vehicles





Let Direct4x4 & SMM steel canopies fulfill your fleet requirements

Steel is the Gold Standard.

The SMM steel canopy has been the choice of fleet sales and business around the world for years simply because of the quality of the canopy / hardtop they produce. The steel canopies we supply are the best in the whole truck top market for security, durability and longevity. When choosing a canopy for your fleet or business vehicles, the quality of the base canopy is as important as the specific requirements of your business or brand. When you choose the SMM canopy as the base hardtop, you are at least doubling the life span of the canopy. Traditional ABS or fiberglass canopies deteriorate quickly and do not stand up to the demands of a work vehicle.

We Understanding your unique requirements.

In order to meet your fleet or business specifications, Direct4x4 go to great lengths to establish what you need. Whether it’s 5 or 500 vehicles, we can fulfill this according to your unique specifications. Our business approach, after the initial consultation is to gather a detailed brief specifying all of details. We would include branding, fitting, colours, style of canopy, warranties, time-frames, any legal or health and safety requirements and other details pertinent to your needs. We then form a clear statement of works outlining all stages and costs. Once this proposal is agreed, we would aim to fulfilling the order within the agreed time frame.

Steel makes sense.

Your fleet or business vehicles themselves are manufactured to a high standard from plated steel which has undergone galvanizing and EDP paint integration. Would you ask for anything less from your canopy! All of our truck top range are as durable as the vehicle itself, and will last as long as your pick up. The SMM steel canopy is also 100% recyclable, whereas the fiberglass and ABS hart tops are not.

Partners and shared knowledge.

Direct4x4 are more than capable of fulfilling your needs. We have found that joining expertise and information with partners such as Venson and Sortimo among others has helped us to gain the experience needed to make our partnership succeed.
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